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Terry Brown, Owner
Terry has been a sought after public speaker for nearly 30 years. He has been a Special Education Supervisor, a Social Worker, and a Principal at Huron ISD. He is an ordained minister, a sportsman and a family man.
State Representative
Terry was elected in 2007 to represent the 84th District in the Michigan House of Representatives, serving his second term as the K-12 Appropriations Chair. He is currently running to regain his seat for a final term. Click here to find out more.
About Integrity Matters, LLC and Terry Brown
Integrity Matters, LLC is all about helping your business or organization reach the high potential that you've only dreamed possible. Whether your team needs a keynote speaker, training, consultation, advocacy, or staffing we can help.

Integrity Matters, LLC is family-owned and operated in Pigeon, MI. Terry has helped both large and small organizations engage in building positive cultures that increase their effectiveness and create lasting, profitable relations with their customers. 
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Committed to helping our customers achieve their dreams
“Terry, simply put, is one of the most decent human beings I have ever gotten to know. But the real value Terry brought to the work he did came from his rare combination of high emotional intelligence and intellect. Terry has an innate understanding of people and possesses a strong relational capacity that makes it easy for his colleagues to see him as a credible leader.”
"I was always impressed with three basic traits that set Rep. Brown apart in the world of bringing practicality to policy in the midst of politics. One, he kept his focus on the people who would be affected by budgets and policy change. Two, he did his job from an informed and educated perspective. Three, he remained humble and dedicated in his efforts. I would consider him to be the gentle lion of the Thumb Region whose work had profound and positive implications on public education for students from preschool to graduation across the State of Michigan."