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"Terry's strongest attribute is his honesty...I mean the type of honesty that comes from a deep search for the truth and for what is right. He is forever processing the world around him and the challenges of life through this filter, and as he discovers truth, he builds it in to his character. You can always count on getting a clean perspective on things when engaging Terry in a discussion of matters of importance. Terry is a great teacher to all with whom he makes contact. He is very wise for someone so young, and this wisdom guides him through his days. When he speaks, one is well advised to listen. Terry cares deeply about others, and is one of the hardest working individuals I have ever met. He is dependable, reliable, and frank. You can count on Terry Brown. He has devoted his life to two things: the pursuit of excellence and service to others." 
"I have known Terry as a person who cares for and does for others. He’s all about community involvement, volunteering and managing agencies to do right for those they serve."